A typical, sunny morning in the Spanish capital. Beautiful Elena
is walking through the city streets while she’s chatting on her mobile
about her love live. She decides to have a coffee in a nearby bar,
where the patrons are already gobbling up their breakfast. Suddenly
a loud bang sounds in the streets. In front of the bar lies the body of
a man with a gunshot wound to his head. One of the clients dares to
venture outside… and undergoes the same fate. The others panic
and desperately search for cover. What the hell is going on? Why are
the streets deserted? Is there a sniper on the roofs? Does anybody in
the bar have something to do with this? If they’re going to survive
this, they’ll have to work together. But that’s easier said than done!
BIFFF regular Alex De La Iglesia has another delight in store for us.
His latest film entirely takes place in a bar, where a colorful bunch of
characters will collide with each other. From one moment to the next,
they can switch from solidarity to selfishness, from helplessness to
pity and from compassion to hate. The Bar is a very feisty thriller and
a delicious dark comedy as only De La Iglesia is capable of delivering.
The cast is led by Blanca Suarez (Neon Flesh, My Big Night) as Elena,
with solid support by Mario Casas (The Invisible Guest, Witching and
Bitching), Terele Pavez (The Last Circus) and Jaime Ordonez (Torrente).

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