When four female friends decide to take a holiday trip to the Chilean countryside, things do not go as planned. The week-end starts fine. It’s sunny, the place is gorgeous and to top it all, there’s plenty of wine to kick-off the girls-only party. But there’s something dark lurking in this peaceful setting. As the party heats up, two unwelcome visitors arrive. A man and his son transform this fiesta into a nightmare. The next morning, what’s left of the group desperately searches for help in the nearby village, not knowing that their perpetrators are products of the most brutal period of Chile’s dark, dictatorial past. And the worst part, for them it has never ended. This is probably the most violent and deranging movie since A Serbian Film. Director and writer Lucio A. Rojas (Sendero) transcribes the horror unleashed by Pinochet and his minions during the dictatorship. He frames the relentless and shocking violence of Trauma as a product of the barbaric practices from those dark days. It goes without saying that this screening is off-limits to those under 18 (R-rated) and sensitive souls should abstain from watching.

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