Tour des Blocs

Des Blocs is a social and cultural project that takes place in the Cité Modèle neighborhood in Laeken. Every year, residents of the neighborhood participate in various multidisciplinary workshops, the results of which are presented during the annual Festival Des Blocs Festival in the Cité Modèle. During the rest of the year, a selection of… Continue reading Tour des Blocs

Bloody Date Night 2022

Love! Sex! Freedom! Come celebrate them all in a deliciously malicious BIFFF atmosphere! Bring along your prettiest boa, your sexiest feathers and polish your whips for the most intriguing date in town! Two feature lms and two short lms tackling the whole spectrum of love, including the more psychopathic kinds. And to top it all… Continue reading Bloody Date Night 2022

BIFFF Participatifff 2022

THE BIFFF PARTICIPATIFFF is a series of educational and cultural activities organized during the festival for all ages. Young people roll up their sleeves to create a fantastic short film under the guidance of experienced directors, the results of which you can see at the BIFFF! There are also a number of special film screenings… Continue reading BIFFF Participatifff 2022

8th Courts Mais Trash Screening

Courts mais Trash, the Brussels independent short film festival, presents a new best of with mainly (but not exclusively) genre films from their latest edition. More information can be found on the website

VR Gaming by Futurist Games

On 9 and 10 September, we will be offering you an immersion into the world of virtual reality gaming! Thanks to Futurist Games, you can dive into the world of fantasy and come to confront or collaborate with other BIFFFers! On that note: good luck in staying alive until the end! Futurist Games, located within… Continue reading VR Gaming by Futurist Games

6th International Art Contest

Attention… Ready… paint ! We are back! Five days with five hours of live painting, with only one instruction: the theme of the painting is Fantastic Art. A basic supply of paint and standard 80 x 100 cm canvases will be provided. This Live Performance is open to the public and the finished artworks will… Continue reading 6th International Art Contest

VR Screening by Reality +

Take part in 3 unique and completely free experiences on September 1st. Three VR movies that take you to the depths of your soul in the dead of a full moon night. Get into the skin of a werewolf thanks to Reality+, only to transform a couple days later into the dandiest vampire of the… Continue reading VR Screening by Reality +