HOMMAGE Jean Rollin

Born in 1938, Jean Rollin made his full-length feature debut in 1968 with the stunning Le viol du vampire, which caused a riot in Paris. This was the first in a series of erotic vampire movies, which combine pulp imagery with the plot mechanics of serials. His movies tell conventional horror stories in the most… Continue reading HOMMAGE Jean Rollin

Retro Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky first sets foot in Paris in 1955 with the intention of becoming a mime player. Alongside Marcel Marceau, he takes the course of Etienne Decroux. Afterwards, he works with Maurice Chevalier in the Music Hall, before his decisive encounters with people like Roland Topor and Francisco Arrabal, with whom he founds le Théâtre… Continue reading Retro Alejandro Jodorowsky

50 Years of Hammer Horror

50 Years of Hammer during the Festival : The Hammer debate:A debate about the importance of “Hammer Film Productions” for the Fantasy Film will be organized, in presence of Freddie Francis, Jimmy Sangster and Peter Sasdy. “Hammer special”, a series of unforgettable Hammer-films (French versions) in the Festival Barevery weekday, exceptions made for Wednesday the… Continue reading 50 Years of Hammer Horror

Evil Childs

The 7th Orbit section proposes a series of films that evoke intensely troubled and violent childhoods, focusing on children that are balancing between innocence and pure evil.

Vegetable Night

What happens when vegetables take over the earth? Come and find out … 2 films, 1 concert and a horrific dose of vitamins.

Grindhouse Double Bill

A really mean and scary Friday the 13th indeed! Come and spend the worst evening of your life with this special double bill.

Hommage Sogo Ishii

A focus on Japanese enfant terrible Sogo Ishii (°1957), a selfmade director and chronicler of the Japanese punk movement of the late 70s and early 80s. Ishii’s goal was to make the cinematic equivalent to punk music; movies in which every frame is imbued with the philosophy, spirit and look of the Japanese Punk scene.… Continue reading Hommage Sogo Ishii