What on Earth has gotten into us ? Have decades of watching fantastic films let our imagination run wild ? Have we become completely disoriented by all the intergalactic time travelling ? Have all those superhero stories given us wings ? Do we believe in fairy tales ? Fact is that when it comes to… Continue reading Edition2007

An American Trinity

BEGOTTENThe acclaimed and controversial debut by the director of Shadow of The Vampire is a visual poem, filmed in a grainy chiaroscuro black and white. God disembowels himself with a straight razor. Mother Earth gives birth to a quivering messiah thing. Then the local villager’s creatures ravage and bury it. It is as if a… Continue reading An American Trinity

Religion & Satanic Cult Films

AT MIDNIGHT I WILL TAKE YOUR SOULJosé Mojica Marins, Brazil, 1963, vo/ov eng st.,35mm, 92’The film debut of Coffin Joe was also the first true horror film made in Brazil. Shot in only 13 days, on a shoestring budget with a cast of non-professional actors, the result is astonishing. Marins both directs and stars in… Continue reading Religion & Satanic Cult Films


THE SEX DEMONSJess Franco, France/Portugal, 1972, eng. version,35mm, 114’Director Jess Franco’s X-rated rip-off of Ken Russell’sThe Devils blends torture with full-frontal nudity as the daughters of a condemned witch, burned at the stake before the Inquisition, infest the local nunnery with blasphemous sexual and satanic acts. One of the sisters even shows a talent for… Continue reading Nunsploitation


From the 10th till the 25th of March, the long awaited High Mass of Fantastic Cinema comes to town, with a rosary of film pearls to be admired by 60.000 devoted followers for more than two weeks: 88 plus films presented in world, European or Belgian premiere, of which 15 will have a Belgian distribution.… Continue reading Edition2006

Polish & Czech Fantastic Films

This year, Cinema Nova sets the spotlights on the East. The focus of the retrospective is the fantastic film production of two countries behind the former Iron Curtain (Poland and Czechoslovakia), nowadays three new members of the European Union. When we talk about Eastern European cinema, we do not immediately say genre movies. But fantastic… Continue reading Polish & Czech Fantastic Films


Boogeyman, The Ring Two, White Noise, Creep, Riding the Bullet, Cold and Dark, R-Point… You want big spectacles ? Casshern, Appleseed, Arahan, Night Watch… You want action ? New Police Story, Kung Fu Hustle, Alone in the Dark… You want to laugh ? Satan’s Little Helper, Ghost House, the Crazy Night, Team America… You want stars ? Amanda Plummer,… Continue reading Edition2005

Retro Long Live the Dead

Long live the dead! Since 28 Days Later, the dead seem to be more alive then ever! Time, we thought, to take the undead as our main theme in this year’s retrospective at Cinema Nova. Generally called zombie, this fringe figure within the horror genre became a world wide plague as the result of the… Continue reading Retro Long Live the Dead


Ladies and Gentlemen… The Festival dish is served! The recipe? Roam the festivals and markets, gather some four to five hundred tasty looking morsels of film. Leave to soak for a few months, chop to pieces, bring to the boil, let it simmer and then cream off. What remains are some seventy little jewels with… Continue reading Edition2004